What are the things that should be prepared, before we inspect your bathroom?

1. Your bathroom must be clean (no more construction work) and ready to be used; Ceramics and floors should be installed properly.

2. The floor, which will be used as a pedestal for shower screen glass, should be flat.

3. The shower floor area should be made slightly sunken 3 to 5 centimeters compare to the dry bathroom floor. If it is not possible, it could be replaced by installing an embankment around the shower area. The embankment can be set 3 to 5 cm high and 6 to 8 cm wide.

How to clean and maintain a shower screen correctly?

1. Please make sure, you clean the glass using a glass cleaner every day. Other than glass, the accessories can be clean with a non scratch cream cleanser such as TAF® (a product from YURI®).

2. Use window squeegee or fiber cloth as a wiper. Avoid using a dry cloth such as paper towel.

3. After the glass is clean and dry, the glass can be coated with windshield treatment such as Rain-X® or Glaco® once in every three weeks.

4. Caution : Do not ever use a cleaner that contains a strong chemical material such as Porstex®. A strong chemical cleaner can be identified when the product requires user to use hand glove.

What is the standard size of shower screen?

For your own safety and comfort, we always recommend the size of screen to be: 1m x 1m x 2m (L x W x H). Length and Wide can be extended up to 1.2m x 1.2m.

For Dandy or wall screen (135°), the minimum wide is 1.1 m x 1.1 m x 2m (L x W xH). Length and wide can be extended up to 1.5 m x 1.5 m.

The wider or higher the glass; makes the glass heavier. The heavier the glass is, the higher the risk of unstable standing.

Does Bondi open to an opportunity for a business cooperation?

We are welcome an opportunity to build a long term business relationship.

There are several options that we offer, as follows:

1. You can sub-work your shower screen project to us. We will do the measurement, consultation, design and installation of the shower screen.

2. If you already have your own glass supplier, you can purchase accessories or aluminum frame without the glass. The accessories include the shower hinge, glass clip, handle, connector for tube, etc. However, we would not handle the design (drawing) and installation.


I live far away. Can Bondi survey to my place?

Our working areas are Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

Currently, our service does not cover area that is not listed above. Such as Bogor, Bandung and Sentul.

Why do I have to buy my shower screen at Bondi?

1. Customizable. Every single shower screen is tailored made to best suit your bathroom. Therefore, we do the work to adjust to your bathroom, not the other way around.

2. After-sale Service. We provided an after-sale service such as spare parts replacement, which our customers often forget or does not realize. Can you imagine the whole shower screen unit needs to be replace just because there is one broken or missing piece on the wheel. In Bondi Shower, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for all products.

3. Experienced.  The business has been operated since 1989. Since establishment, our focus is only shower screen.

4. Reputable. Customer trust is our number one priority. We are paying attention to quality so customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed. Our address is valid, so that you are more confident and comfortable that we will not run away and you are welcome to see our showroom.

Can a broken shower screen be fixed?

It can be fixed as long as the glass remains intact and the installation is from Bondi. Every shower screen product is different and every shower screen store or glass factory has their own technique in using different accessories product. Bondi guarantee the quality and the spare parts availability, since we produce and import on our own.

As a customer of Bondi Shower Screen, you will be granted with 1 year warranty service and accessories. For the product that warranty has expired, we need to charged Rp. 150,000.- per unit (not include the accessories). Make sure that you keep your delivery order, which we attach after the installation, to claim the warranty.

Important Notes: There is no warranty for the glass. The usage of a strong chemical cleaning product such as Porstex® will void the warranty.

My Accessories have rusted even though I never use it or I just recently installed it

A rusted accessory can be caused by several things:

The first cause and the most common thing we encounter is the usage of chemical cleaner and porcelain (Porstex®). Generally, If you have just finished build a house or renovate a bathroom, a Porstex® is used for cleaning. The product is used because it makes the cleaning work easier. However, an accessory that has been contaminated with Porstex® or a typical cleaner will create a chemical reaction that makes the surface on accessories looks rusty. Even the evaporation of this chemical can cause a same reaction. This could happen to all stainless steel regardless the quality of the stainless steel. If Porstex® has been used, we recommend that you wait at least three days before installing the shower screen. The use of Porstex® can also tarnish the color of ceramic and porcelain as the polish effect will disappear.

The second cause is the quality of the stainless steel. Stainless steel has a different level of quality. The higher the level, the closer it is to the characteristic of a steel. The lowest quality level of stainless steel we believe, would be #201. How do I know the quality level of Stainless steel that I have? We will discuss that matters in more detail on another FAQ. We recommend the quality level of stainless steel is #304 or more. Make sure it is stainless steel #304 all the way, including the bolt. Considering the product will be in contact with water every day. We trust our shower screen accessories to Ocius Hardware that is specialize in stainless steel #304 and the quality has been proven.

How do I identify the quality of my shower screen hardware?

The best way to identify the quality of shower screen hardware is to conduct a chemical test, which to determine the quality of the stainless steel. The test should be conducted not only on the surface, but also the inside parts of the hardware such as bolt, which is also important to inspect.

Generally, we discovered handle and shower hinge in the market do have a stainless steel #304 quality on the surface, but the bolt and the inside part is stainless steel #201. Stainless steel #201 can get rusted easily, especially if it is getting contact with water. Then what chemical should I use to conduct the test? You can try "Stainless Steel Material Distinguish Liquid" that you can get at your nearby stainless steel store. Apply that chemical on your shower screen hardware. If the color change, then we can make sure that the quality of stainless level is below #304. We are not recommended to use hardware with stainless level below #304 quality.

Caution: the use of chemical test can potentially wash out the polish effect on hardware, use on the area that is not too visible if the hardware still want to be used.

What is tempered glass? Why do we use it? How do we differentiat

Tempered glass is a glass that has been heated with the temperature above 600 degree Celcius and freeze with high pressure freezer, which allows the glass to be compressed and four times stronger than regular glass. Tempered glass has resistance against heat, which is why a coffee maker and microwaves are using this type of glass. Tempered glass is labeled as a safety glass, since it is strong, heat proof, and when breaks it turns into a small particle like tiny crystals, so it doesn’t cause harm to the user.

The simplest way to differentiate the regular and tempered glass is to see the trademark of tempered glass factory. It could be found in the corner side of the glass and can be used to indicate that the glass is tempered.

Why does my shower screen turns blurry over time

A blurry shower glass is caused by mineral that contains in the water. Generally, in Indonesia, we use ground water. Ground water contains a high calcium and any remaining water on the glass will eventually enter the glass’ pores over time, which is causing a hard water stain.

What should we do to prevent it from happening? Make sure that showers screen is regularly cleaned and well maintain. For tips how to maintain shower screen, please see another FAQ. What if my shower screen is already blurred? Is there an effective cleaner? So far, we have tried many brands of cleaner. However, we still unable to find a safe and right solution. For that reason, we recommend all of the shower screen user to clean their shower screen regularly.